Tuesday, July 05, 2005

This is just too funny to pass up.

Shamelessly using from Al Franken's blog I found this too ironic to pass up:

Folks, don’t forget this, Alberto Gonzales is the first Hispanic American ever nominated to be Attorney General, just as Miguel Estrada was the first Hispanic American to ever be nominated to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. These liberal, white Democrats are trying to now smear a second Hispanic. Never let that escape your mind. The people who claim to be open-minded, non-discriminatory, tolerant and all of that are themselves, racists, in addition to everything else they’re being. Liberal, white Democrats trying to smear a second Hispanic.

That was Rush Limbaugh on his January 5, 2005 show. His wannabe, Sean Hannity on January 24, 2005, where he said,

There seems to be a pattern whenever there are advancing African-Americans, Hispanics-Americans, they are always attacked by liberals who like to say that they have a monopoly on helping minorities.

Aside from the blatant ignorance of the real facts that support the premise, there's a big nine job opening, and the speculation that Gonzalez in on the short list, here's the current talking point:

Paul M. Weyrich, a veteran conservative organizer and chairman of the Free Congress Foundation, said he had told administration officials that nominating Mr. Gonzales, whose views on abortion are considered suspect by religious conservatives, would fracture the president's conservative backers.

It'll be interesting as to who's ass gets kissed over the next few weeks.


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