Saturday, July 30, 2005

CIA Analyst Roasts Bush


In Falls Church Sunday, McGovern said his group is nearing the conclusion of an independent investigation of the source of what is widely held to be a forged document attributed to the government of Niger in 2001. The document indicated there was a deal to deliver yellow cake uranium to Iraq. He said indications already point to the fact that the forgery was produced in the U.S., perhaps from among circles of former U.S. government officials that were involved in the Iran-Contra scandals of the 1980s. He said some damning evidence and conclusions could be made public within a few months. “It was an inside job,” he charged, arising in the aftermath of the sudden assertion on August 26, 2002 by Vice President Cheney that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons along with its other phantom so-called “weapons of mass destruction.” That speech was the first “call to arms” that led to the invasion of Iraq the following March.

Then CIA Director George Tenet told his analysts, McGovern said, that the White House did not want any intelligence estimate of Iraq, but when Congressional pressure arose, he told them to do an estimate that agreed with Cheney’s claims. “Thus, we got the worst intelligence estimate in U.S. history. It was demonstrably false, matched only by the CIA assessment in 1962 that there were no Soviet missiles in Cuba. But that was an honest mistake,” McGovern said. “This one was dishonest from the get-go.”

He said there was “enough ambiguity” in the sanitized version of the estimate that the Congress saw to prevent more doubts from being raised at the time, he said.



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